S Series iQ 11 designed foe vibrant lifestyle, includes 16 channels.Maximum adjustability with 5 adaptation levels- Speech in Noise, Machine Noise, Wind, Noise and Quiet environments.

Digital Hearing aidsDigital hearing aids ( digital signal processor) convert sound waves to digital signals, producing an exact duplication of each sound, instead of just amplifying it. Computer chips are used to analyze speech and other sounds, all

EARPLUGS blocks high frequency noise. Can be used by anyone who is exposed to noise.

hearing aid to suppress unwanted noise

Phonak Audeo B - RAuto sense, stereo zoom, speech in car, rechargeable batteries, noise block and fully wireless.

BASIC CLASS-Baseo Q10-SPNoise Block, Whistle Block, Fixed directional.

Phonak virto V comes with tinnitus solutions. The tinnitus balance noise generator provides a means of sound enrichment which can be used as a part of tinnitus management program such as tinnitus retraining therapy.

You know due to noise exposure and food habits that are 12% of the population in India suffer in terms of hearing problem.

OTICON SIYAOticon Siya processes sounds 50 times faster than ever before with excellent sound quality, super fast noise reduction features, directionality in 15 independant frequency bands and advanced technologies such as 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low e

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