TYPES OF HEARING AIDSHearing aids are of different types, all with same component parts but offer different styles and varies with different features.

Digital Hearing aidsDigital hearing aids ( digital signal processor) convert sound waves to digital signals, producing an exact duplication of each sound, instead of just amplifying it. Computer chips are used to analyze speech and other sounds, all

Advancement in Hearing aid TechnologyToday’s state-of-the-art hearing aids are highly effective, sleek, and sophisticated wearable electronics that can help people stay actively connected to life and to those they love.Many of today’s hearing aids

Hearing aid FittingThis is the process to try different featured digital hearing aids to fit once hearing pattern as well life style of the individual.

Oticon Ria gives innovative features such as Free Focus, it gives the ability to focus more clearly on sounds even in dynamic environments.

Discover... varieties of high quality hearing aids. We deal with different hearing aid companies and types...Visit Ear2hear clinic ...

Hearing aids with digital microphones and receivers help people to hear and experience life's rich soundscapes

Traditional hearing aid technology is a thing of the past. Latest is the New technology Oticon Opn processes sounds 50times faster😃

Oticon Dynamo powers your brain with many benefits in hearing aids like# can make phone calls without annoying whistling sounds # can engage more freely in conversations by hearing more speech details than ever before.

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